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Our Approach

Increase buy-in | Reduce risks | Accelerate outcomes


Our Approach

Increase buy-in | Reduce risks | Accelerate outcomes


We believe in creating places that:

  • Connect with people on an emotional level
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Make a positive ecological impact

Yet, a lot of design, masterplanning, and engineering fails to produce lively, healthy and ecologically sustainable cities. The world needs better city-making processes, validated and scalable urban innovations, and improved project delivery.

Lasting change is tricky to create. We've all begun projects full of excitement thinking of all the possibilities before us, but as with any project, challenges arise, and after a while, inertia sets in. In the business of city-making, this failure to implement change results in citizens missing out on a thriving place to call home.

Our purpose is to overcome these challenges and enhance quality of life in cities by:

  1. Using culturally-based design processes to make great places, districts, and cities.
  2. Developing and deploying urban innovations at scale through city-making platforms.


We use start-up culture, urban design, and anthropology to increase buy-in, reduce risk, and accelerate outcomes for our clients' city-making projects. We’ve found that by transferring design processes and business innovation models into new contexts we can solve challenges and take opportunities at a speed which is more closely aligned to the rate of change in cities and what customers value. We also collaborate with interdisciplinary project teams to add value to large projects.


An organisational climate which focuses on learning, and gets things done rapidly with discipline, creativity, and agility and builds a winning strategy.


Design processes to understand, create and adapt places, districts, and cities which enable citizens and business to thrive.


Design processes using empathy and insights into human behaviour and culture to increase relevance and create enduring change.


Our Story

Founded in 2013 by Geoff Wilkinson and Anna Dixon, Urban Kin brings new life to city-making through culturally based design methods.


Our Story

Founded in 2013 by Geoff Wilkinson and Anna Dixon, Urban Kin brings new life to city-making through culturally based design methods.



Geoff's Story 

Geoff loves cities and urban life. He found his passion for making great places while working as a landscaper in Canada, it was at that time when he'd also made the move from growing up in a suburban NZ setting to life in the urban core of cities in Japan, Canada, and travelling widely. Fascinated with the variety of great places around the world and a desire to make an impact on people's lives he discovered urban design and hasn't looked back.

Geoff's Urban Design practice builds on the long traditions of urbanism. What energises him the most is transferring start-up culture and innovation processes to cities and overcoming challenges, supporting collaborators, and seeing new creative cultures emerge in places, along with tangible changes to the physical environment.

In his spare time, you'll find Geoff exploring Queensland's coastline in search of good waves, great coffee, and fresh inspiration for designing memorable places.

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Anna's Story

Anna is passionate about how design is informed by (and contributes to) culture, and actively harnesses social themes to create innovative solutions. With experience from many different organisations, Anna has a broad range of problem-solving skills paired with the ability to refocus and adapt to different contexts.

Anna thrives on the challenge of drawing people in, engaging with stakeholders, customers or end-users to ensure outcomes are owned and sustained by the people they impact. She has the ability to look at something from many perspectives and weave together different ideas to form a compelling narrative.

She has a degree in visual imaging and a Master of Design Anthropology with a focus on cross cultural design.

In her spare time you’ll find Anna exploring the weekend markets, lingering around her favourite cafes, or attempting to create something delicious in the kitchen.

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