Urbanism / CX

to make thriving cities and destinations.


Urbanism / CX

to make thriving cities and destinations.

our design capabilities help you make better places to live. Fast.

articulate your strategy AND IDEAS with visuals and Support your project with an evidence base of user-experience research and spatial analysis.

use validated methods to provide user insights, expand the solution space, and reduce uncertainty of assumptions.

test IDEAS through prototypes and with startup methods.

Analytics - understand your city or destination

You and your team are experts in your city or destination - we help you zoom out to gain insights on how your city's districts, places, and destinations operate and help you view the user-experience (UX) from your customer's perspective.

design Workshops and Interviews

We work with you to determine an appropriate methodology for your circumstances, and tailor a variety of methods to articulate challenges and opportunities for your urban environments and destinations.

Place assessment model

Spatial assessment methods like mapping and diagrams illustrate insights from your city or destination's public life, buildings, open space network, and creative and cultural expression.

Urban UX

User-experience (UX) methods provide you with insights and empathy for user behaviour and their drivers.

Frameworks for Urbanism and destination Development

Spatial Strategies

Your development strategy needs to be communicated, and we help you blend many diverse inputs and ideas into spatial strategies and initiatives with a clear structure.

co-creation and collaboration

The process to develop a framework is co-created with you to ensure it meets your circumstances and delivers stakeholder buy-in. Our place - district - city approach scales across different contexts such as waterfronts, city centres, university campuses, tourism facilities, neighbourhoods, and towns.

Seasonal public life strategies

Your destination's or city's spaces change over the year so your activation strategy must respond to these patterns. We help you create a strategy which fuses everyday activity with weekly, monthly, and quarterly anchors, and yearly special events.

Placemaking Frameworks

Sometimes cities need a light touch approach with a focus on action, community building, and partnerships. We help you define priority places, understand how places are currently operating, and create a shared direction to get you started.

visualisation - communicate your PROJECT

Stakeholders are a varied group of individuals and different communication methods are required to make an idea resonate with the diversity of how people react to information. So, you need a range of collateral to support and communicate descriptions of your strategies, concepts, initiatives, or development plans.


A simple diagram can be a powerful tool to communicate your ideas. Diagrams can be animated for online communication.

concept Visualisation

More detailed visualisations using 3D models and/or photoshop compositions can gain buy-in faster than a multi-page report. We also produce visuals as provocations to stretch stakeholders ideas and concepts.


Make it easier for stakeholders to understand your project by bringing concepts to life. Greater understanding leads to better communication, more useful feedback, and stronger buy-in which results in better city-making.

expanding the solution space

Many innovations for cities have already been invented elsewhere, however, not all stakeholders are aware of the potential range of solutions. Co-creation of a collection of exemplars or a mood board (physical or digital) expands the potential range of solutions.

Additionally, project teams and stakeholders can share their diverse knowledge and experiences and rapidly co-create a collection of potential solutions. Participation in expanding the solution space increases buy-in and builds trust.

Prototypes and testing


Following the startup method you will be primed to rapidly take action. However, team capacity or capabilities can be a barrier to effective action. Where needed we can collaborate with your team to design and/or implement prototypes for you.

Startup methods

Begin the learning cycle as quickly as possible with users and gain valuable real-world feedback.

Read more about the startup method.