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Startup methods

to make thriving cities and destinations.


Startup methods

to make thriving cities and destinations.

HOW the startup method WORKs

Define challenges and opportunities from your customers perspective to make your work more valuable to your community.

Tackle a defined challenge or opportunity through a structured process that results in a prototype of your first solution.

Manage the testing process to refine your prototype solution(s) and ensure challenge - solution fit with your customers.

Why the startup method works


Startup methods engage decision-makers and stakeholders to:

  1. Define opportunities and challenges
  2. Provide feedback throughout a project
  3. Build confidence through the Minimum Viable Product concept.

Value Proposition Design combined with user-experience research orients your project towards customers 'jobs', pains, and gains. Aligning the way your deliver value to the customers perspective is critical in the digital age and makes your work more valuable to your community.



Assumptions are a major source of risk in projects. The testing process allows you to systematically reduce risks by focussing on the most important assumptions. In the long term this reduces costs of redesign and rework of solutions. 


Accelerate Outcomes

Prototyping gets outcomes on the ground to gather feedback in a real-world setting with users. Iteration of the prototype allows a winning product or service strategy to emerge over time. Using a prototype reduces long term costs by avoiding waste effort on building features which users don't need.